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How to Stretch Your Money at the Casino

If your gambling bankroll seems to disappear before your eyes and you never feel like you get enough game play time at the casinos for your money, then you’re not alone. Most players feel that way and are continuously looking for ways to make their casino budgets last longer.

While familiarising yourself with correct game play strategies and gambling mathematics principles goes a long way to improving your game and returns at the casinos, here we take a look at some simpler, common-sense ideas on stretching your money when gambling.

1. View gambling as entertainment

Of course we all want to win at the casinos, but the reality of the matter is that you’re more likely to lose, so the main reason you should be gambling is for entertainment purposes and being honest with yourself about this will ensure that you don’t ever feel like you have “wasted” your money if you don’t win but had a good time anyway.

The best way to achieve this is to view your bankroll as the cost of entertainment and if you manage to keep some of it or earn more than you started with then that is a great bonus, after all, not many forms of entertainment give you the opportunity to have fun and take home more money than you started with.

2. Select your Gambling Bankroll total

When designating the amount of money you’ll put into your casino bankroll, always choose it from the money you set aside for entertainment each month. Once that is assigned stick to it and play accordingly. This will mean figuring out how many sessions you would like to enjoy in a month and dividing your budget equally between them.

3. Choose a coin denomination and bet size that fits your budget

The easiest way to stretch your money at the casino is to choose the coin denomination and bet size that not only makes most sense with your current budget but also gives you satisfactory game play for your money. By playing lower coin denominations and bet sizes, you’ll not only lose less, but you’ll enjoy longer game play time. Then if you win you can either add extra sessions or increase your bet size.

4. Select your casino game wisely

Once you know what denomination to play, you need to select the casino game that you will play wisely. If you’re playing slots, try to stick to machines where the top jackpots are fixed and smaller than those of progressive slot machines as these slots generally offer more frequent, smaller wins which will keep your bankroll ticking over. If you prefer to play skill based games like video poker and blackjack, then select your machine or game variant wisely, examine the rules before playing and brush up on your basic strategy so that you can win more of the bets you make.

5. Pace yourself

Take frequent breaks between games and when you do play, consciously slow your game play pace. If you’re playing at an online casino, make use of their chat function and take time to connect with people in between games. Not only does this provide you with an enjoyable social aspect, but it helps you to slow your game play.

Another option is to play skill games like blackjack or video poker where you actually have to slow down and think about what you’re doing. You’ll definitely feel like your casino experience lasts a lot longer if you do these things.

These points may seem quite obvious, but for many of us, common sense flies out of the window when we enter a casino and we end up in an excited frenzy where time seems to fly and when our money is spent we often feel disappointed and cheated that we didn’t get enough game play time or that it was over too quickly. By practicing sound casino bankroll management techniques at the casino, you’ll avoid these feelings and maximise your enjoyments. After all, that’s what it’s all about!

Gaining An Edge Over Casinos

For the majority of players, the point of playing at casinos is to have a good time, and of course, to win as much as possible. In order to do so, many players seek out information on whether it’s possible to gain a definite edge over the casinos, and if so how to do it.

If you’re one of these players, the good news is that it is possible to gain an advantage if you do your research and are prepared to put in the practice it takes to master certain games. This is not something that is easy to achieve so it will take time and dedication on your part, but if you’re up to the challenge, we’ll take you through the basic principles of how to gain an advantage when gambling at an online casino.

On the most rudimentary level, you’ll need to combine three aspects of gambling to gain an overall advantage over the long term:

1. Only play specific skill based casino games like Video Poker or Blackjack with high payout rates.
2. Master the strategy for these games so that you can achieve top payouts and lower the house edge to its minimum.
3. Take advantage of any bonus offering or promotion that has favourable terms and conditions.

Once you put the above-mentioned aspects into play correctly, you’ll find that the odds begin to tip in your favour. For example, if you’re playing a game of blackjack or video poker that has a 99.5% payout rate, the house advantage will be 0.5%. You should then be on the lookout for a 100% match deposit bonus up to $100, which is cashable once you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirements. For the sake of example, let’s suppose that the play-through requirement for these games is a 100x wagering requirement, this would mean that the total play-through required would be $10,000. If you take 0.5% of that, you’ll get $50 which is average amount that you’ll lose to the casino during play-through.

This means that you will ultimately spend $50 to get a $100 bonus, but over the long term, you should make a profit of around $50. While this isn’t a bad return when playing video poker or blackjack, it’s not exactly going to turn you into a professional gambler with a huge hourly earnings rate.

It’s important to keep in mind that this approach is more to enjoy real money casino action while maintaining a small edge over the casino, rather than making you mega rich. It just means that you’ll consistently win more than you lose and if you apply it often in conjunction with any bonus offers and promotions you come across, then you’ll find yourself more up than down and who doesn’t want that?

What to do if you win a big Casino Jackpot

While you generally have a better chance of being attacked by a shark, struck by lightning or dating a supermodel than winning the Mega Millions lottery jackpot, online casino jackpots have far better odds of being hit, so if you’re playing progressive casino games, you could end up being the next seven or eight figure winner on the casino’s winner list.

In fact, if you do play any kind of progressive slots or casino games regularly then you’ve probably also spent your fair share of time day dreaming about what you would do if you ever won that big, life-changing progressive jackpot. And it’s also highly likely that every time you hear about a big winner on the lottery, horses or at the casinos, your dream probably comes flooding back. After all, that’s half the fun of gambling!

The flip side of course, and a reality that most of us are familiar with is that most of these big time winners end up broke and disillusioned in a few short years after receiving their supposedly life changing windfalls. Here we look at a few tips as to what you should know and do to avoid ending up in the same sad situation that so many big winners have in the past.

Before you quit your job

If you’re lucky enough to win a few million on your favourite progressive slot or casino game before you run out and quit your job be aware of the fact that not all online casinos will pay out the entire jackpot amount all at once. While some do, many will instead pay out in monthly instalments which could put a big dent in your plans. So always check the fine print of the online casino terms and conditions before you play but if you didn’t, before you quit your job, check on how much and how frequently you’ll be getting paid out.

Another important thing to do is decide on what you want your lifestyle to be and if you can really afford to quit your job long term in light of these aspirations.

Don’t tell people

Many casinos will give you the option of staying anonymous or only using your initials or first name in all publicity related to your win. This is the smart option. Many big winners will tell you that as soon as they told friends and family about their fortunes people came out of the woodworks seeking investments and loans, making the winners feel “obligated” to help. This is a fast way to put a drain on your bank account.

Another reason to stay anonymous is that as soon as the news becomes public, if your full name and photograph are published you’ll have financial investment firms beating down your door offering “help” and investment advice for your newfound wealth.

Pay off debts and set a Budget

When you win big the last thing you’ll probably want to do is think of a budget, but no matter what sum you win you’ll have to and it’s better to do it sooner rather than later. The best thing to do is to pay off all of your outstanding debt. That way you can save on any interest charges due that end up costing you more money and make a clean start with a realistic mind set as to how much you can afford to spend on the things you want.

If you want a new house and a car, and you can afford it, by all means go for it but avoid making radical, impulse purchases until the initial excitement has worn off (this could take anything up to 6 months). The best advice most winners have been given is to a lot their money into three categories: Spend some, save some, give some. This way you can enjoy spending some of the money on the things you want and enjoy, use it to benefit others (if you so wish) and also secure your financial future.

Consult a lawyer and a financial advisor

If you’ve won a truly large sum at the casinos then you will probably need the advice of professionals as to your tax obligations – these differ from one country to the next when it comes to gambling, investment opportunities and estate planning to ensure that your family and loved ones are well looked after should anything happen to you.

Seek out the services of a recommended financial advisor but never let them control your finances, be involved in every decision and transaction that takes place so that your money cannot be stolen out from underneath you. Securing the services of a lawyer to review any new potential contracts and assist with estate planning will also be to your benefit.

If you take these few tips into account and do happen to win big then you’ll be well on your way to not only enjoying your new found wealth but also sustaining it for years to come…

Casino Games that are bad for your Bankroll

Online casinos have a lot to offer in terms of thrill and excitement, thanks to their incredibly large selections of casinos games, many of which offer some very generous payouts. There are however a few casino games that you should avoid due to their higher house edges that can really do some damage to your bankroll if you unwittingly end up playing them.

Here we take a look at the games you should be avoiding if you want to give yourself the best chance of winning.


Keno is a popular casino game that is similar to lottery games. It is easy to play and quite a lot of fun as all you are required to do is select numbers between 1 and 80 on your card and hope that they are drawn as winning numbers. To win the huge advertised payouts though, all of your numbers need to be correct which make the odds of winning very low.

Over the long term, payouts for this game are pretty dismal thanks to the casino’s house edge of between 25% and 29% at land based venues with only slightly lower advantages being available at online casinos. With odds like that you’re definitely better off playing most other table games.

Big Six

Most people refer to this game as “Wheel of Fortune” and it’s really popular at many land based casinos, thanks to the fact that it usually occupies a prominent spot at the entrance. The general idea in this game is to bet where the wheel will stop once it is spun which is very difficult to do. The house edge can be anything from 11.11% to 24.07% depending on the casino. Again there are better games to play with just as much entertainment value and better odds of you actually earning something.

American Roulette

While American Roulette offers a considerably lower house edge than the two previously mentioned games at 5.26% it is still higher than some other games. The reason for the higher house edge is due to the fact that two of the 38 numbers on the roulette wheel favour the house (2/38=5.26).

So when playing roulette always opt for the European Roulette variation instead as this only has one house friendly number and a much lower 2.70% house advantage. Even better though, if you can find a French Roulette game with the La Partage and En Prison rules incorporated into it, play that instead as these lower the house edge to a much more manageable 1.35%.

Side Bets

Many casino game have side bets incorporated into the them to add interest for the player but also line the casino’s pockets even further. In a game of Craps which is generally quite player friendly, avoid the proposition bets as these push the house edge through the roof. On the Any Seven bet, the casino holds a 16.67% edge! If you have to play a prop bet, rather opt for the Place 6 or 8 wagers which have a 1.52% house advantage.

Other side bets that you should avoid include the Tie Bet in Baccarat (14.36% house advantage), the Casino War Tie Bet with a massive 18.86% edge and the Three Card Pair Plus bet in poker with a 7.28% edge.

Obviously you don’t have to avoid the above mentioned games completely, but just be aware of the impact that they can have on your bankroll and don’t get caught up playing them as more often than not you’ll find yourself on the losing end.

Why slots have a bad reputation and how to offset the disadvantages when playing

If you’ve been around for a while you’ve probably heard someone refer to the old slot machines called “one-armed-bandits“. The origin of this nickname is rather interesting as it refers both to the design of the machines which had a single lever on the side which had to be pulled to spin the reels but also because players believed that their money went so fast that they were being robbed hence the name bandit.

Over the years throughout the evolution of slots, slot machines have gained somewhat of a bad reputation for being low paying, yet still if you want to make the most out of your online casino bonus offers they are usually the only game that counts 100% towards fulfilling the bonus wagering requirements.

So let’s take a look at the reasons for their bad reputation as well as ways that you can offset these as far as possible to make sure that you get more for your money when playing slots.

Playing Speed and the House Advantage

If it feels like your money simply evaporates when playing slots as opposed to any other game it is probably due to the fact that you’re playing at a much more rapid rate. After all, there’s not too much to do or think about other than spinning the reels and waiting to see if you’ve won or not. Even if you play at a slower rate you could end up spinning around 360 times per hour which is 5 times more than the number of wagers you’d make on popular table games like Blackjack, Craps and Roulette. Not to mention that these games also have a much lower house edge than slot machines.

Online slots generally carry a house advantage of around 5% or less. This may seem good in comparison to their land based counterparts which have a much heavier 5 to 15% advantage but it is still higher than some other games like blackjack and baccarat or Full Pay Jacks or Better video poker which is the main source of their bad reputation.

Even still, slots are still a better bet than some wagers in games of craps, keno or sic bo and as we’ve already mentioned, they are the only game that counts 100% towards wagering requirements when taking advantage of free play and free spins casino bonuses, making them a much better option.

Offsetting disadvantages through wise choices and good bankroll management

Slots may carry a higher house advantage but this is often compensated for by weighting in casino bonuses as well as the fact that their prize money and jackpots trump any other casino game.

That said it is still advisable to try and counter the house edge as far as possible by selecting slots with the best payout percentages at coin denominations that are within your budget. Playing online will also lower the house edge as online slots have better payout rates.

Good bankroll management will also go a long way to stretching your time at the machines out and curbing your losses.

Slot don’t have to live up to their old nickname “one-armed bandits” if you do your homework, take advantage of free money and bonus offers and manage your bankroll wisely. And who knows, you may just hit that jackpot that you’ve been dreaming of!

Tight vs. Loose Slot Machines

If you spend any time around slots players or reading up on slots related literature you will probably have come across a variety of slots types and terms, the most popular of which are often “loose slots” and “tight slots“.

These terms usually refer to the payouts of a certain slot machine. A slot is said to be loose when it is programmed to pay out at a slightly higher percentage than the money put into it while a tight slot pays out at a lower percentage than what it earns.

The actual difference between these two types of slots is the difference in their theoretical payout percentage. Modern slot machines are designed to return a theoretical percentage of all credits earned back to the player and that is where the casinos edge comes into play. When a slot machine is advertised as having a payout rate of 96% that means that it pays back 96% of the money it accumulates.

We use the words “theoretical payout” due to the fact that a machine pays out a certain percentage over an infinite amount of time and amount of slots play. It doesn’t mean that you will get back 96% of the money you bet every time you play – it is more of a long term rate.

You may wonder why casinos would offer loose slot machines at all and theoretically earn less than if they were to only offer tighter games instead. The reason behind this is quite logical – slots players are more likely to keep on playing if they think a machine may be loose and if it is and they win then they are happy enough to either keep playing or return more readily to the casino than they would if they kept losing.

Likewise, if a player feels a machine is too “tight” and keeps losing money he/she is more likely to stop playing. The fact of the matter is that the more time a slots player spends playing on a slot, even if it is a loose one, the more money the casino will make so it is really in their best interest to keep players happy and playing.

It is easy to see that setting slot machines theoretical payout percentage requires a fine balance between being too loose and not earning enough or too tight and not earning enough as it fails to keep enough players playing.

Tight and loose slots at Casinos

In both land based and online casinos, slot machines are mixed up either on the gaming floor or within the casino games lobby so it is not always easy to tell which are loose and which are not. So how can you tell which is which?

There are two main ways of determining a slot’s relative “looseness” (for lack of a better word):

  1. Try to find out a slot’s payout percentage – some of these are audited and published but more often than not casinos just publish an overall payout rate for their slots instead of per machine. There are however some exceptions and although it may require a great deal of work, it is possible to sometimes find these.
  2. Play a machine for a certain number of spins or period of time and see how it “feels”. If you find that you win nothing during those spins or that time, move on and compare it to another slot for the same number of spins or time period. Over time as you become accustomed to how certain slots behave you will be able to tell if a machine is loose or not.

While the payout rates of slots is usually regulated by certain government agencies and bodies, beyond those it is really up to the software provider as to what each machines nature will be.

Which Online Casino Group has the best VIP offering?

If you’re weighing casino groups to join and are looking for one to invest your long term loyalty in with the objective of moving up their loyalty program tiers on your way to becoming a VIP then we highly recommend playing at Casinos in the Fortune Lounge Group. These include Platinum Play, Royal Vegas, 7 Sultans and Vegas Palms Casinos.

We make this recommendation upon personal experience as we have played at casinos in this group for a number of years and reached VIP status. The great thing is that you don’t have to be a VIP at these online casinos to get great service, awesome promotions and bonuses as well as an amazing gaming experience.

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In addition to a promotional line-up that is always fresh and offers you new opportunities each month making them the sure leader when it comes to Microgaming casino promotions they also offer a great gaming experience. Not to mention the fact that withdrawals at their casinos take just 24 hours as opposed to other casinos which take 48 hours or more!

If you are serious about becoming a VIP at this group then it’s best to concentrate all of your game play at casinos within their group. Points earned at each casino accumulate to your name and you will move up the tiers of the loyalty program according to your game play.

Once you become a VIP the rewards are really worth it! You don’t have to play at a Las Vegas Casino to have your own VIP casino host. The Fortune Lounge group assigns all VIP’s a designated host. Ours are Nick and Jorn and they always go above and beyond to ensure that we are happy and well looked after and have accompanied us on a number of VIP experiences over the years. They are really great guys and we always have a great deal of fun when we’re with them.

As part of the package, VIP’s are offered their own personally tailored experience. Unlike other online casinos who offer a “one size fits all” offering to all players, The Fortune Lounge Group goes that extra mile to find out what each person enjoys and then arrange to spoil you accordingly. In addition to a variety of gifts we’ve also enjoyed a Mercedes AMG advanced driving experience, a stay at Sun City South Africa as well as invitations to a variety of stunning destinations around the world.

We have just been invited to the fabulous Las Vegas and informed that there are special competitions and events in line for VIP’s to win their place on an upcoming African Safari.

As you can see, there really is a great deal going on behind Fortune Lounge’s VIP curtain and that is definitely something to aspire to and work towards…all it takes is a bit of loyalty and you’ll be on your way to a whole new world of special treats compliments of Fortune Lounge!

Getting the most out of your Casino Deposits

Welcome Deposit Bonuses or match deposit bonuses are probably the most common type of promotion that you’ll encounter when playing at online casinos, poker or bingo rooms and even sportsbooks. Reload Bonuses are another popular offer that allow you to maximize your chances of winning provided you get the maximum value out of these offers. There are a number of ways to ensure that you get the most out of these types of deposit bonuses and here we take a look at how to do just that.

You should always be on the lookout for the best possible bonus offers and casino deals when playing online. Generally players who deposit a minimum of $25 will generally be offered reload bonuses of up to 200% in addition to other free spins or free money deals. By doing your homework you’ll be able to find the best offers and make deposits at casinos offering these and this can make a big difference to your bankroll. If you miss out on a $100 offer and accept a $50 instead just because you didn’t look around, this effectively translates to a $50 loss in your casino funds!

In addition to finding the best offers, you also need to give some thought to structuring your casino deposits in such a way that you will get the maximum value out of these. This may require some self-control as you may have to pass up smaller offers when depositing lesser amounts each week, save your money and rather make a larger single deposit every two weeks or once a month that will effectively earn you a bigger bonus. The benefits of waiting for larger bonuses are that your bankroll will be bigger and last longer which means you may actually

Lastly, you should always keep a bankroll and bonus spreadsheet when playing online. This not only helps you to see where your money went with each gambling session which will keep you gambling responsibly but also keeps you up-to-date on where you have bonuses pending if you play at multiple casinos.

These are just three easy steps to maximising your match deposit bonuses when playing online casinos that will go a long way to managing your bankroll effectively and enhancing your overall casino experience.

Which Games of Chance Cost People the Most Money?


For most gamblers playing games of chance are not about securing a source of income, rather they enjoy risking a little of their money for the chance to achieve the dream of winning a life changing jackpot or top payouts at their favourite table game. The majority of people realize that winning life changing amounts are a long shot but still, the appeal of living the dream holds a strong attraction.

In order to minimize your losses when playing games of chance, you should avoid certain games because these can cost you far more than others do, and when the odds are stacked against you (as they are in gambling) you may as well give yourself a fighting chance.

Here we look at the games of chance that cost people the most money.

Casino Games

Not all casino games and bets are created equally, some are way more risky and expensive than others. Keno is one such game where the casino’s house edge can be as much as 29% which makes it a very expensive game to play and often costs players huge amounts of money when played at land based casinos. On the other hand though, playing Keno at online casinos is a better option due to the lower house edge of 5%.

Other games that you should approach with caution, whether online or at land based casinos are Wheel of Fortune, also known as Big Six where the house edge ranges from 11.11% to 24.07%. Bonus Six, a poker based card game with a house advantage of 10.42% to 23.83% and Sic Bo with a massive range of house edge ranging from 2.78% to 33.3% depending on the bets you place.

Even player friendly casino games have some bets that should be avoided because they have a larger house edge, for example the Baccarat Tie Bet (with a 14.3% house edge), the Craps “any seven” bet (16.67% house edge) and the Casino War tie bet (with a house edge of 18.65%) should all be avoided in order to avoid losing large amounts.

Non-Casino Games

People automatically think of casino games when we mention games of chance wherein people lose the most money but the game that costs people the most money over the long term is more easily accessible and socially acceptable than either land based or online casino games and that is the lottery. This game of chance has the highest house advantage of any form of gambling because a standard $1 scratch card or lotto ticket holds a whopping 50% house edge.

If you think about it, this is an absolutely horrific bet and if playing in a casino, very few people would ever consider making a bet where they would only have potential to receive half of their money back. Yet, week after week people continue to play the lottery because in spite of the terrible odds and high house advantage, the promise of life changing, massive jackpot amounts. Scratch cards also remain hugely popular because of the satisfaction they provide players who love scratching off the cover to find out if they win. So it all really comes down to the psychology of gambling that prevails rather than good old common sense.

Preferable Alternatives

If the thought of playing games with insane house edges sickens you but you would still like the opportunity to win big jackpots, then you could consider playing slots. A number of players have won multi-million jackpots in the face of 5% to 12% house edges (online slots offer lower house edges so playing at online casinos is even better).

If you’re a scratch card fan then rather play online scratch card games as these are considerably different with a mere 5% to 10% house edge as opposed to 50% in their land based counterparts. You still get to scratch a block to uncover a prize (granted you use a mouse pointer instead of a coin) BUT it is still very satisfying.

And if you want to play games with the lowest possible house advantages look out for poker, video poker and blackjack games instead as you can master proper strategies to help you increase your odds of winning.

In doing so you will maximize your long term wins and avoid losing your hard earned money.

Online Gambling Staking Strategies


If you’ve been around the block once or twice in the online gaming world you’ve probably heard the term “Casino Staking Strategies“. If you haven’t or have but don’t really understand what these are all about, you’ve come to the right place.

Casino Staking Strategies are money management methods of betting that are employed by some online casino players in an attempt to maximize profits from bets in a short period of time. It is important to note that unlike game play strategies, these strategies do not alter the odds of the game in any way. They can however, be effective if used sensibly and on a short series of bets.

Here we will examine two potentially effective casino staking strategies that you may consider using during your online casino game play in future.

The Triple Jump

The Triple Jump staking strategy enables players to turn a profit if you are able to win out of a maximum of three even money bets. In order to put this strategy into practice, all you have to do is bet 1 credit on the first even money wager in the game you are playing. If you win the first bet you take 1 credit of the profit and stop betting. If however, you lose on your fist bet, you stake 2 credits on your second bet and if it wins, you take the 2 credits profit and stop betting – this way you will have earned 1 credit. If you lose your first two bets, then you wager 4 credits on the third bet and if you win you will still be one credit ahead (taking into account the 4 credits profit, less the 3 lost on your previous bets.

If however you lose the third bet, you should take the loss and stop playing rather than continuing to gamble in an attempt to recoup your losses. This type of control will not only ensure that you do not incur huge losses but also that you will never develop problem gambling behaviour.

Your “credits” can be of any denomination that you desire, for example if you want to bet $10 per credit then you would bet $10 on your first bet, $20 on your second bet and $40 on your third bet and your total risk would be $70. You can adjust the amounts that you wish to wager according to your bankroll and budget.

The Pentagon

While similar to the Triple Jump staking strategy, the Pentagon strategy dictates that you need to win just one bet out of five. Again, it is built on the premise of gradually increasing your bets and quitting as soon as you have enjoyed a win or five consecutive losses.

The staking pattern employed here is: 1,1, 2, 5, 10 and like the Triple Jump, it should only be used on even money bets like the Red or Black bet you’ll find in casino games like Roulette.

The maximum possible loss while employing this staking strategy is 19 credits, so there is a much bigger potential for loss than the Triple Jump but you also have more opportunities to win instead of just three offered by the Triple Jump. If you encounter a win on the 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th wager then you will make a 1 credit profit. If you enjoy wins on the 2nd and 3rd bet then you will break even which means that you could continue to play if you wanted to. Five consecutive losses on the other hand would result in the aforementioned 19 credit loss and the end to your wagering.

Three or five consecutive losses may sound unlucky but they do happen and it is important to keep this in mind and only wager what you are prepared to lose when employing any online staking strategy.

If you are new to online casino staking strategies, or you would like to see how they work in theory, you could always keep a record on paper the next time you play games like Roulette or Blackjack online. Simply record your results and stakes (you’ll have to bet the same amount every time) and you can look at how the Triple Jump or Pentagon betting strategies could have worked for you.

These staking strategies can also be put to use in online casino tournaments where you have fixed potential losses, that is your buy-in, and you could then select either of these strategies to play a more aggressive game than those playing with level stakes on each bet.